Saturday, February 07, 2009

SWAP #4, and New Blog


I've been playing around over at, and I really like some of the features there - so I've imported this blog to! I'll continue to update both blogs for the rest of the month to hopefully catch everybody who reads, so if you have an RSS feeder (like Bloglines or Google Reader), you'll want to take this one off when you add the wordpress version, or you'll end up with double posts for a little while.

So back to our regularly scheduled horrible winter light pics (actually it turned out to be horrible winter twilight pics, because I was just that slow with the hand stitching!)...

SWAP Item #4 is done!! No, don't revise your impression of my sewing speed, this piece was cut out prior to this week, and as an unlined skirt, it's probably the simplest piece of the whole plan! (I may have to revise that plan...).

I was very happy to be able to squeeze an ankle length skirt out of the same brown wool as a pair of pants (also cut out, next on the list) - in the storyboard I had this drawn as a knee length half-circle skirt because I didn't think it was possible. I definitely wear ankle-length skirts more. This is an 8-gore flared skirt I drafted long ago - I made a 6-gore version of it about 4 years ago now. This will replace a tan poly skirt I bought at Le Chateau even longer ago!

Since the SWAP theme is heavy on the practicality, it was important to me that all my bottoms at least had pockets. This time I used the same in-seam waistband pocket that worked out so well in the skorts I made for the June Capsule Contest:

Similar style shot as it would look with the tops and vest I have planned for the SWAP:

And - SHOCK - there was no drama with this one!! Yeah, the yoke seams had to be taken in, and the length was too long (things that really shouldn't happen when you've drafted it for you specifically ;) ), but there's no problem fixing that. Just a nice skirt that went together almost without complaint. YEAH! Fingers crossed for the next 7!!

Now, I have been knitting during all of this. Quite a bit actually. Most of it has to remain secret, and the one thing I have finished, I don't want to show you:

One fair isle sock done!! But if I show it to you, what will be the big deal when I get through the second one? And we all know the second one is harder ;).

Now I have to decide whether to continue with the brown wool pants (pros: already cut out, would get the semi-dreaded last pair of pants out of the way, could always use more wool in this weather!) or dive in to something new - plaid buttoned top with puffed sleeves? The mint and chocolate 3/4 sleeved t-shirt?

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