Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There have been good reasons to be neglecting the blog. Most of them not great, but reasons nonetheless. One that has potential though... this pic is a sneak peak at my next pattern, which is in the hands of test knitters as we speak!! Very excited about that one. Went nose to the grindstone about a week ago to finish it up and made it just in time before I was felled by the dreaded virus that's been going around (that was the worst reason - I've just started to be able to rub two brain cells together again, so this may be a bit more disjointed than usual :P).

I really, really hope to be able to get back to SWAP this week - I've had a nice pair of black pants almost done since the beginning of the year!!


PurpleSage said...

Hope you're feeling a lot better! Sending lots of healthy thoughts you way.

kbenco said...

ooh, that peek looks pretty. Sorry to hear you are not well. I have not made any SWAP pants either, and I have no excuse at all.