Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All the no shows...

... all the "you didn't respond two seconds after it was posted", all the confusing directions, all the chaos, all the frustration

has all been made up for.

I'm back in love with freecycle again:

All fabric. Except the bag that has thread cones in it ;). I'm glad I managed to convince DH to come along, because I certainly wasn't prepared for the mountain of stuff behind that door!! "Some fabric pieces and scraps" indeed :P.

I'll have to go through it pretty quickly, DH wasn't impressed at the full car load right after he put one box in of stuff to give away. I don't think I mind. If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the living room. If I don't come back for supper, it's because I'm avalanched in - send the dogs ;).

(oh, and irony number one? One of the pieces at the top of one of the bags was more mint knit. I wonder if she shopped at Wazoodle too?! Fingers crossed that I find more contrasting knit to mix it up with, or I'm going to be Flashback To The 80s Girl!)


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