Saturday, January 31, 2009

SWAP piece #3 done, dag nabbit

You know those projects that just don't want to co-operate?? Yeah, this was one of those.

Black cotton gaberdine, my pants pattern #2 straight leg, loosely based on a Burda World of Fashion magazine pattern. A little tight at the moment - I need to stop living off of sandwiches and toast!

I had left this length of fabric for a long time, because it was perfect pant material, and I didn't want to make something that didn't fit or I didn't like. So last fall when I made the navy blue pants I set out to cut out a pair in the black gaberdine at the same time. Well, considerably later in the day ;). Whipping along, I cut out the back, then pull up the rest of the fabric for the front, and whoops - so not enough! I cut things out on a piece of cardboard on my bed, so I don't see the whole layout at once. Usually I'm good about pinning everything out first to get the best use of the fabric...

So, needless to say I was disappointed in myself! I packed everything away, thinking I may be able to selvage a skirt out of it later. Well, a member at Stitcher's Guild pointed out that some of the patterns were showing pieced pant fronts - seams along the knee line for example. Couldn't I rescue the fabric that way? With a lot of teasing and jostling, and a pieced inside waistband, look I just might!

Pieced front leg of pants - ended up slightly lower than the knee.

Away to the races! I traced off the scooped pockets from my Jalie jeans pattern, but otherwise used the same pattern as the navy pair. The other not-so-good thing about having cut out the backs in September - turns out the navy pants are too short, and that's what I based these ones on. I did a 5/8" hem, so it's a little better... we'll see how much it's off and whether I have to get more creative than that.

So last night I was down to the buttonholes. That's it.

Ummm. Buttonholes go on the top flap, silly. A quick zig zag over them, and sewing the buttons on top - no one is the wiser, but jeesh - how many errors can you recover from and still have a workable pair of pants???

Fingers crossed these look fine in the end - I really, really need to ditch the old stretch cotton black pants I've been relying on since ~2000 :P.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A little break

because one would be silly to remain indoors with this kind of sunshine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There have been good reasons to be neglecting the blog. Most of them not great, but reasons nonetheless. One that has potential though... this pic is a sneak peak at my next pattern, which is in the hands of test knitters as we speak!! Very excited about that one. Went nose to the grindstone about a week ago to finish it up and made it just in time before I was felled by the dreaded virus that's been going around (that was the worst reason - I've just started to be able to rub two brain cells together again, so this may be a bit more disjointed than usual :P).

I really, really hope to be able to get back to SWAP this week - I've had a nice pair of black pants almost done since the beginning of the year!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All the no shows...

... all the "you didn't respond two seconds after it was posted", all the confusing directions, all the chaos, all the frustration

has all been made up for.

I'm back in love with freecycle again:

All fabric. Except the bag that has thread cones in it ;). I'm glad I managed to convince DH to come along, because I certainly wasn't prepared for the mountain of stuff behind that door!! "Some fabric pieces and scraps" indeed :P.

I'll have to go through it pretty quickly, DH wasn't impressed at the full car load right after he put one box in of stuff to give away. I don't think I mind. If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the living room. If I don't come back for supper, it's because I'm avalanched in - send the dogs ;).

(oh, and irony number one? One of the pieces at the top of one of the bags was more mint knit. I wonder if she shopped at Wazoodle too?! Fingers crossed that I find more contrasting knit to mix it up with, or I'm going to be Flashback To The 80s Girl!)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Giggle... hmmm.

In yet another adventure into my mom's estate sale findings...

ROFL. And yet? If I found one in a second hand shop for $3, I'd snap it up and wear it for giggles. And then probably find out they're the most comfortable thing ever, and embarrass my DH by living in them.

Still, not enough fun to put days into it making it up from scratch. Especially since I'd have to grade it down by quite a bit (40" bust). But if I ever run across a green paisley sheet set... (*snort* again - I'm not a fan of paisley. Really. But it does work well in this...? Can one say anything "works well" with this?!)

Added laugh? See that side label? "A POUNDS-THINNER" PATTERN. Yeah, because having a gathered waisted overskirt over your pants slims ya right down :P.