Friday, August 08, 2008

More Vintage!

Another random grab from the bag (and let's see if I can type fast enough to get this in before Blogger's scheduled outage!)

Butterick 1429, size 16 (hip 37). A "Selected Standards" seal even "This seal gives positive assurance of authentic style"!! Is there an inauthentic style? Unprinted, no date, and the instruction sheet isn't dealing too well with the acid in the paper. My guess is 1940s?

Simplicity 3322, size 16. On the back, a little seal that says "Simplicity Patterns are guaranteed perfect" - hey, why don't they say that now?!? Unprinted, no date - definitely looks like the '40s!

Simplicity 5706, size 14 (bust 34) - can you say Audrey Hepburn? 1964.

Gotta hit publish!!

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Tam said...

Hi there! Found you by plugging in the Simplicity 3322 pattern...

Are you by chance interested in parting with this pattern? I have been looking for it for over a year now...

my way over due for a post blog is . I do sell vintage patterns in my brick and mortar but this one is one I want for myself...have found a similar one for my daughter and would like to have matching outfits!!! Thank you so very much for getting back to me!!!

Your blog is very nice with all the sewing and knitting by the way!