Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, today's plans are shot...

My Knit Picks order has arrived!!!!

(what a time for DH to have taken the camera out of province)

If no one has heard from me by Sunday, send in water.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brea Bag




I'm hoping that the mists of time will remove the memory of all the annoyances, and I'll actually like the bag.

(actually, the knitting part went pretty quickly and easily - pattern is free from Berroco)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

FO: White Lace Cardigan

This was what I made out of the cotton salvaged from an ill-fated I Do Shrug. Lesson from that one? Just because it's a worsted gauge doesn't mean worsted yarn works!! Regular cotton was a pretty bad choice for it too ;). Fingering weight, shiny, mercerized cotton maybe. I had thought that there was quite a bit of yarn in it, but it was pretty nail-biting along the way - that's one of the things that gets me knitting quickly: just to see if I'm going to have enough yarn at the end!

Result? 6 yards left over! The only concession to yardage I did was to knit the button band on 4.5mm needles instead of 5mm (which I think was a pretty good idea anyway).

Other changes: I knit the body pieces from the bottom of the ribbed section up, then knit from there down after the sleeves were done, just to give me the option of unravelling a lace repeat from the bottom if I needed more yarn. I just used the lace instructions from the top half for the right and left leaning eyelets so everything was going the correct way as I was knitting upside down. I also had trouble with the decreases in the front v-neck - somehow I couldn't get the physical piece, or the math, to work out at the pattern stated decrease-one-every-eight-rows. So I did it every 6 rows instead, and everything seems to have worked out. Other than that, pretty verbatim. Did have one problem in the end - the eyelet rib button band didn't line up with the major structural elements of the top - so I couldn't put on three equally spaced buttons and have them also centred around the rib section. Got two on that aren't too far off the top and the bottom, so I left it at that.

The pattern is the "short sleeved lace cardigan", #19 in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007, with zero ease. The propensity of cotton to grow will help here too!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The neighbours think I'm crazy...

(aka: sock photoshoot!)

My Itean Socks, Fleece Artist Somoko from Gaspereau Valley Fibres, Blush colour, 2.25mm circular needle (magic loop!), 56 stitches around.

And a bubblebee, who probably would also think I was crazy, if he stopped being so busy for a second ;).

Friday, August 08, 2008

More Vintage!

Another random grab from the bag (and let's see if I can type fast enough to get this in before Blogger's scheduled outage!)

Butterick 1429, size 16 (hip 37). A "Selected Standards" seal even "This seal gives positive assurance of authentic style"!! Is there an inauthentic style? Unprinted, no date, and the instruction sheet isn't dealing too well with the acid in the paper. My guess is 1940s?

Simplicity 3322, size 16. On the back, a little seal that says "Simplicity Patterns are guaranteed perfect" - hey, why don't they say that now?!? Unprinted, no date - definitely looks like the '40s!

Simplicity 5706, size 14 (bust 34) - can you say Audrey Hepburn? 1964.

Gotta hit publish!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Big Question

I wound the hank of Fleece Artist yarn into two equal centre-pull balls (well, as equal as one can get with a discount kitchen scale).

I've knit sock #1 past the heel, up to ankle length.

The rest of ball #1 is definitely heavier than the sock and the needle put together - not by much, but definitely there.

So - do I put on ribbing, and have enough for a second pair of ankle-length socks? Do I keep going as long as I can and have almost-knee socks? Do I stop at usual-sock-length, and make child sized socks with the remainder? (My friends would love that last option...)

Friday, August 01, 2008


Because there's nothing like a successfully finished project to get the mojo going ;).

New project #1:

A short sleeved lace cardigan to throw over summer wear when the wind gets a bit chilly. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting, the spring/summer 2007 #19 (named, if I'm not mistaken, short sleeved lace cardigan). Here's the Ravelry link of lots of finished versions - but I don't want to step on any copyright toes by snagging pics! The blue at the bottom is just my provisional cast on - I'm reusing white cotton yarn from a long sleeved shrug that I didn't wear (I think it was actually Handicrafter Cotton), and so I don't know how much I actually have. So I'm knitting from the ribbed waist up, going to do the fronts, back, and sleeves, then knit down as far as I've got yarn for. Fingers crossed! At least with the worsted weight, it's not too much effort to redo.

Lace-Knit Blouse from Vintage Purls site. This is where I got masochistic. 2.75mm needles (#12 UK, don't have my needle holder with me to say what that is in US sizes - SMALL!). It's definitely going to be different than the picture looks - the sleeve cast on is 116 stitches, but then you only cast on another 75 each for the front and back length (it's knit cuff-to-cuff), so this is going to be more of a kimono-style than the picture lead me to believe. I'll see how it looks once I cast on the front and back. Reclaimed periwinkle yarn - wool? Have to check.


I'm finally getting around to knitting myself a pair of socks from my own pattern!! See my Itean Sock Pattern post for more details. This time I'm trying out the magic loop method, because I happened to have an 80cm long 2.25mm needle, and Fleece Artist Somoko (2nds, so there are a few knots, but lovely colours!) - probably "Blush" colourway, but can't be certain! You know what? It's much easier to whip up socks when you've already got the numbers figured out!