Sunday, July 06, 2008

JCC - Summary Post

tumblina's June Capsule Contest 2008 Entry: Summertime Blues

Item 1: jean-style skirt (chambray and dark blue stretch cotton), Simplicity 9842 (OOP)

Detail Post Here

Item 2: skorts (chambray), Vogue 8324 (vintage)

Detail Post Here

Item 3: halter top (dark blue stretch cotton), Vogue 7639 (OOP)

Detail Post Here

Item 4: wrap skirt (dark blue stretch cotton), previously made, handdrafted

(all clean finishes inside, and I did end up sewing the front panel to the side seams up to mid-thigh level)

Detail Post Here

Accessory: crochet picture hat (ecru cotton), my design

Detail Post Here


PurpleSage said...

Are the magazines calling you yet? Wow! Fabulous is the only word -- it all looks stunning!

Mitsy said...

Wow! You made that hat? That's AWESOME!