Sunday, July 06, 2008

JCC - Detail Post: Item 2

(aka A Shorter Post (ha!) (I promise - the last one was a novel!), this is a continuation of A Fitting Post)

Going for the punch line first: Finished Skorts!

From a vintage Vogue pattern (8324, no date)

View A, although I did severely cut back on the closures! They called for 2 hook and eye combos, two snaps, a zipper, and three buttons - all for something goes from waist to halfway down the thigh! And it's not like there isn't enough coverage, it's a full skirt and a pair of shorts!

I went with one button, one zipper, and two snaps:

(see that facing? there's one on each side of the skirt opening - invisibly stitched down to the skirt by hand!! I'm very proud of how that turned out!)

Since I was trying to go for a more versatile piece, I didn't go with the patch pocket. But pockets are important! So I pulled out the instructions for an inseam coin pocket (from Vogue Patterns magazine, Oct/Nov 2002), and put a little pocket bag in between the skirt and the shorts, attached at the waistband:

The thing that bothers me most about these is the hem:

Because it's 3" deep, on an A-line skirt, there's a lot of fullness to be gathered up. I serged the edge, then put a basting thread through each section, then pulled up the gathers until the distance matched the seamline, then stitched using the machine hem stitch. I'm not sure what else could have been done - seam tape, maybe, to hide the edge and hand stitch it down? Maybe it's just the body in the chambray that makes it annoying for me. I could have made a shorter hem. I liked the idea of the deep one!

Give me a week or two, and I won't remember the inside so much anymore :P.


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