Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday: Present

I finally have something finished!!

And as a treat, there are no bathroom mirror pictures in this post.

The 60's jacket is done!

The original pattern (a Bear Brand vintage pattern book, that I'm assuming is from the 60's):

The vintage buttons:

Obviously, I altered it a bit... ok quite a lot! It's crochet - the original was done with sport weight yarn, I used extra-bulky. Then there was both a style mismatch (I like to look like I have a waist, even though I don't have much - and a jacket that goes straight down to high hip doesn't help me!) and a little thing called Lack Of Yarn. Story of my life.

A not-so-helpful close up of the back to see the stitch pattern...

And when I get DH to take the pictures, somehow something like this always happens!

Outside today - high teens (celcius!) with a light breeze - this was perfect!

On the sewing front - I've got the collar, front and back of DH's shirt done. Up next: sleeve plackets.


PurpleSage said...

I love it! The jacket is soooo nice!! That may be one you should contact the original copyright publishers to see if you can publish your updated version. A blue ribbon for you! Also really, really like that pic!

Ellen Bloom said...

Your jacket is a very good adaptation of a vintage pattern from knitting to crochet! What crochet pattern stitch did you use? Looks great!

The J said...

Thank you for the compliment! But I wasn't quite that clever this time - the original crochet & stitch pattern remained the same (isn't it a neat pattern? doesn't look like classic crochet!). In the smaller gauge I thought it looked very herringbone-like. The stitch pattern is actually very simple - *one single and one double crochet in the same stitch, skip a stitch*, repeat.

purplesage - hey, I like ribbons! And I plan on convincing DH to do photo shoots more often!!