Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday: Past

I think this was my very first foray into! I'm guessing 2004?

My version of Grecian Plait

You guessed it - one of my first recycled yarn attempts too! It used to be a fair isle mohair sweater (all over two-toned snowflake pattern if I remember rightly). Actually, I think it was also my first attempt at making knitting needles (the lace portion at the bottom needed 9mm needles, so a couple of dowels got sharpened).

I liked the style, but it turns out my skin isn't a fan of mohair (too itchy!), and this really isn't a style that I liked having shirts come past the neckline and sleeves. So it's gone now to a happier home (I hope!).

I'd still like a solid colour one a lot like the original pattern... must look for soft, but thick yarn!

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PurpleSage said...

Very nice style! Too sad about the mohair.