Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Could Have Been a Contender?

DH had a few promotional shirts from work, which originally looked like this:

I needed a lightweight summer robe, since calf-length terrycloth wasn't really appealing above 30 degrees C. One black shirt and one red shirt later, everything turned inside out, and TA DA! Robe.

Um. It doesn't look TOO much like it belongs in a boxing ring, does it?

Details: Men's XL "Drytec" shirts, collar turned into epaulets to hide the shoulder seam, underarm-side seam flipped and sewn french-seam style to hide it, hems of each shirt used as the belt and belt carriers, the body of the red shirt folded double for the bottom hem, and pieces the sleeves of the red shirt used to trim the sleeves of the robe. Sounds simple, worked out to be simple, but there was certainly some choice thoughts happening in the middle...