Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Bit of 70's

and a little bit of warm

and a little bit of fun!

The plaid was asymmetric (very!), so I was a bit stymied about how to position the centre seam on the bias... I decided to go with matching up the white lines, since they seemed most prominent at the time! Now, we'll see how long I can stand the waistband - I've put elastic in it, but as usual when fitting things, I've made it too big. Do I stick out my stomach every time I measure something or what?

One more maxi-length skirt - I love them!

Details: a-line, bias, wool skirt with zipper and elastic waistband. My own pattern (which I should really write directions to, because I always get confused half way through, even when it's obvious to begin with!).


RenoAddicts said...

Very nice! A very striking effect. Bet it's warm :)

Mitsy said...

I really like this one!