Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Toasty Toes

At long last, my feet have a barrier between them and a very cold floor! The little stretchy valour ballet-style slippers just weren't helping.

After a long, long search for really warm materials (down, sheepskin), have found the fleece & denim version to be as warm as it gets (either people around here hang on to their warm stuff until it falls apart, or they are all "true Canadians", and don't need that stuff! There's nothing at the second hand shops!!).

Then came the scarey part - no pattern, and not enough fabric to do it twice. The sole was easy (I traced around my foot, added some ease, then rounded everything off to make it symmetric). The top required a combination of draping with the fabric and with the paper pattern (because I could mess around with the paper). Mostly molding them over my foot which was on top of the already cut sole, then tracing around where the paper/fabric hit the edges of the sole. My tummy was a little sore after all that bending over, but it turned out I only had to do a little trimming at the sewing machine!

I may take the sides in a little more (after I test them out with the big wooly socks), or I may leave that to Version II.

Denim outer, fleece inner, bound with denim bias tape (from the outside of the vest).

And, yes, my toes are toasty, thank you very much!

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RenoAddicts said...

Sure looks nice and warm!