Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Haven't Had Much to Report

It gets to be a problem this time of year - even when you have the time to knit, it's often Secret Knitting (my sister does occasionally read this blog!!). So there may end up being a parade of pics in January. So far the parade being one photo, since my holiday knitting seems to be 3 months behind, but still! Those who have a Ravelry account can check out the pics on my ("tumblina") project page.

The U-Neck Vest is getting a little farther ahead anyway.

(back is done, front almost up to the armpits)

I did get the Fitted Knits book from the library last week (brand new copy I think!), and it was interesting to compare Stephanie Japel's original design with what I came up with looking at the pics (and knowing my own figure).

- her's is in the round, which I wanted mine to be, but you deal with the tools ya got

- they are (likely) both the exact same length (a little hard to tell with the crimping effect of the bottom and midriff bands) - how's that for coincidence?

- she put a large increase section in with the bust darts (I knew this, but didn't know how much) - trust me, I don't need it! Because my gauge was slightly larger than I accounted for, and the midriff band tends to bubble out, I dropped the number of stitches for the front by 8, then put those 8 back in in mini bust darts. That's all I'm going to do.

- she uses a waffle stitch in the upper part, I've got a broken rib. I tried a couple of waffle variations, and with the kinkiness of my yarn, it ends up with a pronounced horizontal corrugation, but the purl bumps pretty much disappear. I liked the broken rib better for my materials

- my midriff band is lower than hers (on purpose - I like these things completely under the bust), and my shoulder straps are narrower than hers (on purpose again)

- my armholes are deeper (start earlier) than hers by about an inch. Not going to do them over, so we'll see how that turns out!

- my front neckline is planned to be lower (on purpose), her back neck was lower - so I'm grabbing that bit. It makes sense to have extra room for shirt collars (and I do NOT want this yarn touching my skin in any case!)

- I did 4 rows for each rib of the bottom and midriff bands - I've got a lighter yarn, and I'm doing it back and forth, so it makes sense. For the collar and armhole bands I'll do 3 like she did.

All in all, not a huge amount of difference, besides the bust darts. They'd be the whole point of the book "Fitted Knits", but since I don't need them, the book is for inspiration as it is ;).

Now to finish this thing and actually be warm!!

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