Thursday, November 29, 2007

The End of the Eternal Socks

I like to have a portable project to make wait times seem a lot shorter. Bus stops, grocery checkouts, etc. Used to get quite a lot done this way when I commuted! But these days, getting out happens less often, and twisty bus routes + knitting = nausea - needless to say the time spent on these projects is now a shadow of it's former glory.

These socks were started early last year, I can't remember exactly when! April? June?

(Lace Wings Fixation Socks - as usual, NOT made in the recommended yarn)

Very cute little lace anklets. Right now they are in the "gift" drawer, just in case. If they aren't needed, then they'll be on my feet in the new year!!

Details: followed the pattern exactly, made with the reclaimed navy blue wool that has made so many socks and hats the last couple of years, 2.25mm (US1) needles. I'd probably change the heel to my version, and switch it to toe up if I were to do it again. The lace is similar to the Hedera socks from Knitty, without the Ktbl posts in between.


RenoAddicts said...

Very nice!

Patrizia said...

Thanks for your comment. ;)
The book as some really lovely designs, I still have to buy my copy and I'm craving it so bad!

Patrizia said...

oops, that was meant to be 'has' and not 'as', lol! ;)