Sunday, November 25, 2007


In this post, we introduce Brigit Daphne. When I was 8, she was drink-and-wet-doll extrodinaire. Now she's an oh-so-cute baby wear model!

Not quite big enough for the 6-12mos size, but certainly better than the very large headed bear that has taken up residence on the couch.

See Brigit in this fall's gorgeous midnight navy:

here, sporting a ruffled baby hat based on the concept outlined here, but with the numbers redone for my gauge, for a hat with the finished size of 15" around and 7" tall.

And in this bonnet style, showing the unruliness of her bedhead (or trunk-head!), and how small she is! The bonnet was made with a 1940's Beehive pattern, on size 2.75mm (US2) needles.

What I loved about the bonnet pattern (besides being a bonnet - why are these not available anymore? They are so cute!), is that it's pretty much a garter stitch pattern. Only one purl row out of 8. Yet looks so fancy!

And something that shouldn't have shocked me, but it did - high production values didn't carry over into accurate patterns. There were a couple of major errors in this one!

These have already made it over to the little lady who looked so amazing in the Pea Pod set. Those eyes were made for wearing blue!

(on Brigit's shoulders, you can just make out the first sweater (a cardigan!) I ever made - I can't remember exactly, I might have been 13 or 14 at the time!)


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What a clever model idea! Love both the patterns!!

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Looks like you've found a way to photograph the dark colours...the patterns are showing up really well!