Thursday, November 29, 2007

The End of the Eternal Socks

I like to have a portable project to make wait times seem a lot shorter. Bus stops, grocery checkouts, etc. Used to get quite a lot done this way when I commuted! But these days, getting out happens less often, and twisty bus routes + knitting = nausea - needless to say the time spent on these projects is now a shadow of it's former glory.

These socks were started early last year, I can't remember exactly when! April? June?

(Lace Wings Fixation Socks - as usual, NOT made in the recommended yarn)

Very cute little lace anklets. Right now they are in the "gift" drawer, just in case. If they aren't needed, then they'll be on my feet in the new year!!

Details: followed the pattern exactly, made with the reclaimed navy blue wool that has made so many socks and hats the last couple of years, 2.25mm (US1) needles. I'd probably change the heel to my version, and switch it to toe up if I were to do it again. The lace is similar to the Hedera socks from Knitty, without the Ktbl posts in between.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


In this post, we introduce Brigit Daphne. When I was 8, she was drink-and-wet-doll extrodinaire. Now she's an oh-so-cute baby wear model!

Not quite big enough for the 6-12mos size, but certainly better than the very large headed bear that has taken up residence on the couch.

See Brigit in this fall's gorgeous midnight navy:

here, sporting a ruffled baby hat based on the concept outlined here, but with the numbers redone for my gauge, for a hat with the finished size of 15" around and 7" tall.

And in this bonnet style, showing the unruliness of her bedhead (or trunk-head!), and how small she is! The bonnet was made with a 1940's Beehive pattern, on size 2.75mm (US2) needles.

What I loved about the bonnet pattern (besides being a bonnet - why are these not available anymore? They are so cute!), is that it's pretty much a garter stitch pattern. Only one purl row out of 8. Yet looks so fancy!

And something that shouldn't have shocked me, but it did - high production values didn't carry over into accurate patterns. There were a couple of major errors in this one!

These have already made it over to the little lady who looked so amazing in the Pea Pod set. Those eyes were made for wearing blue!

(on Brigit's shoulders, you can just make out the first sweater (a cardigan!) I ever made - I can't remember exactly, I might have been 13 or 14 at the time!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Toasty Toes

At long last, my feet have a barrier between them and a very cold floor! The little stretchy valour ballet-style slippers just weren't helping.

After a long, long search for really warm materials (down, sheepskin), have found the fleece & denim version to be as warm as it gets (either people around here hang on to their warm stuff until it falls apart, or they are all "true Canadians", and don't need that stuff! There's nothing at the second hand shops!!).

Then came the scarey part - no pattern, and not enough fabric to do it twice. The sole was easy (I traced around my foot, added some ease, then rounded everything off to make it symmetric). The top required a combination of draping with the fabric and with the paper pattern (because I could mess around with the paper). Mostly molding them over my foot which was on top of the already cut sole, then tracing around where the paper/fabric hit the edges of the sole. My tummy was a little sore after all that bending over, but it turned out I only had to do a little trimming at the sewing machine!

I may take the sides in a little more (after I test them out with the big wooly socks), or I may leave that to Version II.

Denim outer, fleece inner, bound with denim bias tape (from the outside of the vest).

And, yes, my toes are toasty, thank you very much!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Haven't Had Much to Report

It gets to be a problem this time of year - even when you have the time to knit, it's often Secret Knitting (my sister does occasionally read this blog!!). So there may end up being a parade of pics in January. So far the parade being one photo, since my holiday knitting seems to be 3 months behind, but still! Those who have a Ravelry account can check out the pics on my ("tumblina") project page.

The U-Neck Vest is getting a little farther ahead anyway.

(back is done, front almost up to the armpits)

I did get the Fitted Knits book from the library last week (brand new copy I think!), and it was interesting to compare Stephanie Japel's original design with what I came up with looking at the pics (and knowing my own figure).

- her's is in the round, which I wanted mine to be, but you deal with the tools ya got

- they are (likely) both the exact same length (a little hard to tell with the crimping effect of the bottom and midriff bands) - how's that for coincidence?

- she put a large increase section in with the bust darts (I knew this, but didn't know how much) - trust me, I don't need it! Because my gauge was slightly larger than I accounted for, and the midriff band tends to bubble out, I dropped the number of stitches for the front by 8, then put those 8 back in in mini bust darts. That's all I'm going to do.

- she uses a waffle stitch in the upper part, I've got a broken rib. I tried a couple of waffle variations, and with the kinkiness of my yarn, it ends up with a pronounced horizontal corrugation, but the purl bumps pretty much disappear. I liked the broken rib better for my materials

- my midriff band is lower than hers (on purpose - I like these things completely under the bust), and my shoulder straps are narrower than hers (on purpose again)

- my armholes are deeper (start earlier) than hers by about an inch. Not going to do them over, so we'll see how that turns out!

- my front neckline is planned to be lower (on purpose), her back neck was lower - so I'm grabbing that bit. It makes sense to have extra room for shirt collars (and I do NOT want this yarn touching my skin in any case!)

- I did 4 rows for each rib of the bottom and midriff bands - I've got a lighter yarn, and I'm doing it back and forth, so it makes sense. For the collar and armhole bands I'll do 3 like she did.

All in all, not a huge amount of difference, besides the bust darts. They'd be the whole point of the book "Fitted Knits", but since I don't need them, the book is for inspiration as it is ;).

Now to finish this thing and actually be warm!!