Saturday, August 04, 2007

Not a Wardrobe

May 1st - July 31st, in summary:

Slate blue wool pants finished (was already cut and fitted in April).

Cotton knit dress, rayon skirt, and cotton pants all altered.

Shades of white and brown "mini-capsule".

Shades of blue "mini-capsule".

Cut out and waiting to sew. There's also a pair of beige wool pants cut out - not really interested in sewing them up just at the moment!

Just for fun.

Plus a doll and a baby sweater.


Intention: to get my sewing mojo back, and participate in the PR Wardrobe contest.
Rules: make 10 garments from start to finish plus an accessory. More tops than bottoms, and all the tops need to work with all the bottoms.
Results: a) Did I make a plan? Yes. b) Did I follow the plan? Mostly. c) Did I finish the plan? No. d) Did the plan follow the rules? Not so much.

Did I get my sewing mojo back?

Most definitely.

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