Monday, August 06, 2007

New Projects!

There's something amazing about new projects - pairing materials to ideas or patterns, adjusting and redesigning, hanging on suspense as you wait to discover if (a) you have enough of X to finish and (b) it turns out anything like you imagine.

Two more gambles have leaped into the pile:

A Cardigan for Arwen, Interweave Knits Winter 2006

Alterations done and proposed -
I'm making this out of ~worsted weight black cotton from a second hand sweater, so the cables aren't going to pop like they do with wool, but I've swatched it and it will at least give a nice basket-weave effect. Because it's cotton (which I've learned to my detriment GROWS), and because I land in between sizes in both chest measurement and "wingspan", I went down to the smallest size. There's only a small chance that I'll have enough yarn for the hood, but with the smallest size, I have the greatest chance! Having been warned about both the bicep measurement (fine for me) and the wrist measurment (too big), I plan on adjusting the shaping on the sleeves by adding 4 more short rows but taking out 8 plain rows in the middle (one cable repeat on the cuff) - that way I should keep the upper arm the same diameter, but decrease the cuff a little more than an inch.

Completed so far: back (plain stockinette rectangle, so glad that's done!), ~2" of left front.

Victorian Lace Today, "Scarf with the No 20 Edging" p84

I think I've found a solution to the "what to do with the leftover mohair" quandry! Still not quite sure about the school-bus yellow, I'm thinking of overdying it a russet. The yarn is "Emu Filigree Supreme", a present from my FIL in England.

Alterations: This is a very hairy mohair, and "reads" thicker than the original intended yarn. I'm using bigger needles too (supposedly 5mm, but I've only got one 5mm circular, and I think it's slightly bigger than it's supposed to be!). Lightly hand blocking it gave me 4" per edging lace repeat, which would have given me a much longer shawl than designed for (and taken up more yarn than I have), so I've redone the numbers to only have 18 edging repeats (vs 22), which will still add up to 72" long (we'll see how much bigger that gets when properly blocked!). It'll be wider than the designed 26", but that's ok.

Completed so far: 7 edging repeats, first pass. 2 25g balls down, 13 left in the stash!

And I'm having a lot of fun ;).

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