Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In the Nick of Time

Environment Canada says I've got at least 4 more days this summer to wear this! (Yes, I know the nonesense of that statement!)

Butterick 6640 (most likely out-of-print by now), recommended size based on measurement chart
Rayon print for the dress, lightweight white jersey with lycra for the lining
Alterations: full shortening of waist based on pattern "lengthen/shorten" line, but then forgot to add it back at the bottom so I've got a 1/8" rolled hem to keep the length, changed the slope of the side seam to accomodate the tummy, nipped in the top of the side seams another 1/4", did my usual press-into-quarters-and-topstitch for the ties instead of sewing RS together and turning, small bust adjustment, curved bust dart, and chopped the lining off mid-thigh (not sure what the pattern suggested for that!).

And the wonderousness that is the angle shot and sucking-in-of-the-tummy!

The backstory:

I attempted this pattern, what is it, 5 years ago, 6? With apparently the inability to read. I not only totally ignored the fabric suggestions and tried to make it out of broadcloth, but I also ignored the warnings written on all the bodice pattern pieces saying "Before you cut: Garment requires a close fit at bust. Pattern should measure exactly your body measurement. Alter pattern if necessary." in 5 languages, and did my usual one-size down trick to take out the excess ease they "always" put in. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. So the wait was on for a nice rayon, because my skin and large-percentage polyester don't get along. Enter Mom's fabric stash (thanks, Mom! There's quite a bit left over...). Then the wait for a lining - because why make a breathable dress if the lining is poly? When it finally dawned on me that I didn't need another light, plain coloured rayon - the lightweight cotton jersey I got last fall will probably work just fine! So everything got cut out at the end of July - excited!! Then the unseasonably cold August set in. How can one get into sewing a sundress when it felt like fall, and I might not be able to wear it until the end of next June?

Thank goodness the weather is giving one last salute to summer! Due to the haste of putting it together, it's not up to my usual (not so high) standards - but hey, it's a sundress, it's rayon (really rayon - like look at it sidways and it wrinkles rayon), and I get to wear it, instead of agonizing over getting everything to line up and lie flat.

Excuse me while I find some hills to stand on with my hand shading my eyes ;).

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RenoAddicts said...

I really like it! Hopefully there are many warm days yet this fall for you to enjoy it!