Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Counting Bracelet

I saw others making these on Craftster, and was intrigued by the concept - it's like an abacus on your wrist, where you can count up to 99 (right now I'm using it to count rows in between increases). I whipped it together one afternoon this week using thread elastic and beads I had lying around - one of the elastics is a little too flimsy, and I find it a little tough to get a bunch of beads through the circular divider at once (when I'm done that group), but so far it's proving to be pretty handy.

Craftster link explains how to use it (and a much more professional way to make it as opposed to knotting elastics and hiding the knots with extra beads ;) ).


RenoAddicts said...

What a fabulous idea! Very handy and you don't have to hunt for that piece of paper where you were keeping track of the rows ;)

jen c said...

ok that is a seriously cool idea - i'm totally making one! thanks for the link!