Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catching up

Summary: Simplicity 5683 top, straight size 10 (usually make a 12 and add on for waist and hip) with a small bust adjustment, brushed cotton with lycra left over from the Duro of two posts ago.

The Story:
I made this pattern a couple of years ago (flutter sleeve version) out of linen, and I wear it as often as I iron it... I had intended to make another one out of the mint rayon I have in the queue for a dress - hoping there's enough for both! But since I had some cotton leftover from the Duro, I jumped the gun a little.

Second bit of inspiration came from the sleeve of Ysolda's Posie Cardigan - I was contemplating whether to buy her pattern, or use the concept in another knit top, when somehow it got crossed over to this sewn top with it's puffed sleeve version.

Original puffed sleeve piece.

I decided to go with a slit rather than a circle - much easier to sew! I used the same method that is used for men's dress shirt sleeve vents. The "slit" was actually a triangle, 2" wide at the base and 3.5" long (the binding then took up another 1/4") cut into the middle of the sleeve.

Result! Not quite what I had invisioned - but isn't that always the way? Pretty cute anyhow!

This is all the thread that remained after the last button was sewn on!! That was CLOSE!

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RenoAddicts said...

So nice! I like the sleeve -- wonderful adaptation!