Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jaywalkers Done!!!!

Most of my yarn (the nice stuff - natural fibres) comes from recycled sweaters (a great link describing how to do this is here). I was excited to find another fine gauge off-white lambswool and angora sweater last year, since the last one I got was my favourite yarn of all time (got 4 pairs of socks and a shawl out of it!). It takes food colour dye very well, and is sooooo soft.

Well, this one was a bit thinner than the last one. I made up two scarves for gifts last year without troubles, because I was purposely using large needles for the lacy effect. But when it came time for a denser knit for longer wearing socks... I used 2mm (US0) needles, which were the smallest I had, and I still think it came out looser than I would have liked. Not sure I would have gone down a needle size if I could - it 11 stitches to the inch as it was!! The dye job was an attempt at rainbow coloured socks, since I was sick of the grey and brown and white of a long winter, and after looking at the huge gallery of jaywalkers over at Grumperina's blog (the genius behind the pattern!), I decided that I didn't want a large colour repeat, as it reminded me too much of the old afghans (which are now in style again, I might add!). The smaller sections of colour meant that the overall visual effect is much more muted than 'rainbow', but I'll probably appreciate that when it comes time to pair them with my actual wardrobe!

The reveal:

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