Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting Out There

Welcome, anyone visiting from CFS Squared! The very prolific Laura requested stories about brain fog and how to deal with it, and, hey - that's something I can talk about. Thanks to Laura for not only starting the conversation, but hosting it for all to join in. Me, I'm usually not much of a joiner, but I'm learning!

I also ventured out in the physical world this week. It was World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday. I didn't see any listings for my area, but then this week a local yarn store put out the word to meet in a downtown park. I didn't get the right message until noon on Saturday, but since my afternoon was slated for knitting anyway, why not meet some folks at the same time? The day turned out to be lovely (sun actually peaked through enough for me to get a pink face!), and the company was fabulous. Hopefully I'll meet up with some of them again, and actually learn their names... It did give me the incentive to try going out to the group nights. One night I won't be too tired, honest.

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