Monday, June 25, 2007


A night of finished objects!!

The tunic which matches the skirt posted earlier. The Butterick 6831 pattern is way out of print by now. I made view A (sleeveless), with a few changes. First, I didn't have enough fabric to make it double layered, and the fabric was hot enough by itself that I didn't want to line it, so I made armhole facings. The front slit was from view D (shortened 1"), so I copied the view D neckline entirely and used those facings (note that the front and back facings aren't the same width!). I used the entire length of the lengthen/shorten line to bring the waist to mine, then brought the hem down 1". Cut out on a 'S' for the upper torso, increased slightly at the hips, but had a problem with the side seams pulling strangely because of the curve (fabric content problem??). I also started the side slits 3" lower (don't know where that would be without the waist adjustment), which could be contributing to the pulling problem. I'm undecided on whether or not I like tunics ;).

While the tunic took much longer than I'd anticipated, the redesigned Honeymoon Cami (from the Knitty pattern) flew by a lot faster than I feared! This is made with a silk-angora mix that was originally used for a straight-from-the-pattern Honeymoon, then grew. And grew. And grew.

So this time I (a) used only one 2-ply strand vs two (with a gauge around 7 sts/inch), (b) made it much smaller than the last one (this one is about 5" smaller than my bust size), and (c) used a 24 stitch repeat feather and fan lace all the way up to the empire line (because making something twice from the same yarn in the same pattern is really, really annoying).

Details: lace stitch ~7.5sts/inch, ss ~7sts/inch, 216 sts straight up to armholes, lace for 10", ss for 4", bound off 8 stitches for each armhole, none at CF or CB, decreased 2 sts every right side row for triangles.

I love it!

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Love the cami!