Friday, June 29, 2007

Cami Tutorial on Craftster!

Since 1. the cami in the last post turned out to have only a passing relation to the Honeymoon Cami, and 2. others have shown interest in it's construction, I thought I'd put up a generic tutorial on Craftster here. The exact numbers for a 35" bust are posted, but the rest of you will have to follow the math directions for now. I'd love links of someone does try it out!!

In other design news... this week I found myself doing some serious lace design work! You know how you think "I would like this one simple little thing... and I don't see a pattern for it. Shouldn't be much trouble to whip it up myself..."? And then, as each step progesses, you find out that you are doing a lot more serious thinking than you thought would be required?? Yeah. I probably wouldn't do half of what I do do, if I knew before hand what it was going to entail!!

Sneak peak:


RenoAddicts said...

What beautiful colours! Did you dye these yourself too?

The J said...

The green is the cashmere sweater we found at GF's, the rainbow coloured yarn is leftover from the Jaywalker socks (which started this whole journey!).