Monday, May 21, 2007

SWAP Top 1 & Top 2

In order to feel like I was making some progress, I made a T-shirt in between frustrations with the previously mentioned pants. Jalie 2005 is my standby - I think it was the first pattern I made more than once, and this has got to be at least the 10th time I've made it. Who doesn't have a need for at least half a dozen well fitting knit tops? In fact, this one was a redo of a long sleeved knit top I had made from a Butterick pattern that I didn't end up liking nearly as well - so it got ripped apart and used again for the tried-and-true (TNT) style. Because I eeked it out of the other top, it ended up being quite a bit shorter than my usual, and had to be short sleeved, but because it's a kinda-lacey light weight white fabric, short sleeved worked better anyway. Doesn't photograph very well though!

Once I finished the pants, I could really sink my teeth into something new. Simplicity 4998 has a top, skirt, dress, and pants (I had originally thought that one view was a jumpsuit, but the top and pants are separate - I might morph them together someday just to see!). I started by tissue fitting the pattern (pinning the pattern on me and playing around with the seam allowances, etc) - which turns out to have been highly inaccurate. Maybe my tank top shifted the centre front and back lines on me... but let's just say it's a good thing I added 1" side seams anyway, I was down to 1/4" in one place by the end!

My review on Pattern Review is here.

If I were to make this again, I'd cut out a size 10 for the top of the halter, not the 12, and ditch the ties (although I might want those for the jumpsuit - I'm a little cautious about having nothing breaking up a top-to-bottom single piece outfit). I'd also adjust it vertically for my high waist - I'm not sure whether simply playing with the side seams until they fit was the best way to go. I'm also not sure if the two layer (linen and broadcloth) is going to be too stiff or warm for what I wanted.

It did do one thing though - I'm excited about sewing again! Is there a sweet spot between disdain and obsession? I'm having trouble sleeping... (ha! that doesn't take much!)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I love your little mini-me!
Now I want to make one, too.
You are sewing up a storm, now!


RenoAddicts said...

Also love the Mini-T! Wonderful that the sewing spirit is revived - I know exactly what you mean ;)