Monday, May 21, 2007

SWAP intro

A few years ago, back on the now defunct Sewing World message board, a conversation about having our own "one pattern, many looks" challenge turned into a discussion of the Australian Stitches magazine article on "Sewing with a Plan" - 11 pieces (bottoms, tops, and jacket) all work together in a self-contained wardrobe to produce many, many outfits. (There are rules as to how many bottoms and tops, and there is a maximum number of outfits, but all of the numbers have slipped my mind at the moment!). This got much excited attention, and Julie at Timmel Fabrics started running a contest. A year. Or more often. The latest version just finished last month (you should be able to find links to the finished wardrobes on her website - they are fabulous!).

Well, I've been having trouble getting back to the sewing machine. It's one of those things that the longer you stay away, the more work it seems to be to get back, and so you don't, ya know? The pile of fabric in the closet was mocking me... And so, when I heard that Pattern Review was holding a new SWAP contest from May 1 - July 31st, I closed my eyes and signed up. OK, I took a deep breath and signed up - it's hard to click on the right buttons with your eyes closed.

Not being one to do anything the easy way, I'm trying to make everything from my stash (no need to add to the pile, thank you very much!), including patterns. Except some of what I want to do has no pattern - 'sok, I'll figure out out how to draft it (first one is easy - turning Jalie 2005 plain T-shirt into a empire waist with a cross-over V-neck). I picked the dress version of the rules, which is 3 dresses, 4 tops, 3 bottoms, and a jacket. A few times a week I change my mind about which fabrics and which patterns are included in that ;). I fell a little behind from the beginning, because I had a pair of pants already cut out and mostly fitted that I really needed to finish up (part of the avoiding the sewing machine barrier!), which I finally did last week.

Next post: progess!

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