Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Fog, The Fog!

Ah, the joys of being caught in the Brain Fog. Sigh. At least I knew better than to cut into fabric!

However, I still tried to make sourdough bread. You know what happens when you put the dough in a slightly warm (but turned off) oven to rise for a few hours, then forget it for about 20?

Surprisingly, not as catastrophic as I had imagined! Sure, the silicon bread pan spread out a little, and the loaf had collapsed some from what would have been the peak rise (although, again, not as much as I would have thought), and it sure looks funny:

(upside down)

(upside down)

A little tart. A little chewy. Very holey. But it worked!!!!

Good news is, yesterday morning was better (we won't talk about the evening), and I figured out that with the new only-full-circle version of the skirt flare, there was plenty of the dark brown fabric. Both skirt and tunic top (minus facings) have been cut out!!!

This is the original pattern, to be cut twice on the fold - so the pattern is showing one quarter of the flare. See how it goes more than 90 degrees? That means the flare will be more than 360 degrees (a full circle skirt) - I wasn't going to be dancing that hard!

I don't know if you'll be able to see this - this was my redesign. At first all I did was find the perpedicular in order to trim it down to a full circle, and add a side seam allowance. But as I said in an earlier post, it struck me later that the top openning has to have the same length that it did before, since it's not gathered onto the skirt yoke. There's a second curve drawn both below the top and bottom of my original draft, around 1 1/4" down - the cut edge of the top now measures 9 3/4" again.

Same piece, now cut out along the redrafted lines. I held a piece up in front of me, forcing the top seam straight, and I think the amount of flare will be just fine!

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